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Gift joy, health, and a touch of elegance with our versatile Premium Gift Hamper. Packed with a diverse range of premium healthy foods, drinks, and skincare. It's the ideal choice for any occasion.



Zaytoun 100% Natural Dead Sea Salt 750g - Located in the lowest point on earth near the ancient Palestinian city of Jericho, the Dead Sea is so rich with salts and minerals.

Adding it to your bath or body scrub can also stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps and relieve joint stiffness. 

Premium Ajwa Madina Dates 400g - These luxurious dates have a rich, chewy and luscious taste with a mild sweetness.

Black Seed Honey 300g - Black Seed Grain (Nigella Sativa) mixed with Pure Mountain Honey, Bee pollen and Ginger Powder into a paste-like consistency.

Pure Honey with Vanilla 250g - Premium vanilla pods infused with the luxurious taste of pure Acacia Honey.

100% Natural Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil 100ml This Black Seed line is sourced from the fertile warm lands of Ethiopia. This seed has been shown to benefit illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and many more.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fairtrade 250ml - This warm and peppery tasting oil is produced from rain-fed and hand-picked olives that have been pressed on the day of picking.

Organic Olive Oil Soap Sage 100g - This luxurious traditional Organic Olive Oil Honey Soap is produced from virgin olive oil with pure honey extract. 

Zaytoun Honey Olive Oil Soap - This soap has been hand-made in small batches from traditional methods, which has been celebrated and long-praised for its mild moisturing effect. 

Organic After Dinner Seed Supreme Tea 20 Bags - This savoury-sweet functional blend combines Coriander seeds, Anise seeds, Fennel seeds and Fenugreek seeds, all of which are popular as traditional herbal aids to ease digestion, making this the perfect after dinner blend.

Organic Rye Rye Crisp Bread Sesame 200g - This rye bread is baked to a traditional Scandinavian recipe with just four simple ingredients: rye flour, se salt and water topped with sesame seeds for an extra nutty flavour.

Eat Natural Bar - Our bestselling bar squeezes 45% peanuts into each bar. That’s a seriously nutty bar. Luckily there’s space for chunks of dark chocolate, light soya crispies, puffed rice and shredded coconut.

Cambrook Hickory Smoked Seasoned Almonds 80g - Baked Californian almonds with a real hickory hit. Hickory adds a strong flavour to the crunchy goodness of almonds.

Acti-Vit Blackcurrant, Apple And Raspberry Sparkling Water 330ml - This vitamin drink is packed with flavor, sugar-free, only 5 calories, plus fortified with a daily dose of essential vitamins.


Please note: Some products may be subject to substitution. 


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