Organic Olive Oil Soap - Set of 4 (Fair-trade)

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Organic Olive Oil Soaps are produced from virgin olive oil mixed with local herbs and minerals.

These soaps are highly recommended for people with extra sensitive skin as its unique production guarantees the preservation of all the beneficial ingredients of olive oil.

A Bouquet of 4 100% natural, organic Olive Oil soaps including:

  • Olive Oil plain,
  • Olive Oil with lemon,
  • Olive Oil with sage,
  • Olive Oil with pomegranates.

Sindiyanna of Galilee is a women's fair-trade organisation, marketing olive oil and it's products. In the 19th and early 20th century olive oil soap was Palestine's principal export.


Each 100g soap bar contains olive oil, lemon, sage or pomegranate respectively (20%), food grade lye, Aqua.