Crazy Jack Organic Soft Figs - 200g

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Our fabulous figs are grown in a very special farming village in the hills of Western Anatolia, Turkey. We have worked with this Farming community since the 1980's because we think the Figs they grow are simply the best. Grown in the fresh mountain air they grow more slowly than other figs, which gives them their slightly thinner skin and the sweet putty flavor we're so proud of.


  • Figs have long been used as a home remedy or an alternative treatment for digestive problems
  • Figs may have some beneficial effects on the skin, especially in people with allergic dermatitis — or dry, itchy skin as a result of allergies.

How to use: Figs can simply be eaten on their own, used in a recipe, or simmered for several minutes in water or fruit juice to make them plumper and juicier.