Al-Ameen Organic Ground Black Pepper - 100g

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This Organic Ground Black Pepper has a woody, sharp and mildly spicy taste.

This staple spice grows in the wild in the Amani Forests and it is harvested by hand by the local community which ensures its premium quality.

Black Pepper is a well-known spice with well-known health benefits.


  • High in antioxidants - the natural antioxidant nature of Black Pepper eliminates free radicals, which can prevent future diseases from happening.
  • Increases absorption of other vitamins and minerals - studies show that the rate of absorption increases for nutrients such as calcium after drinking a Black Pepper based drink.
  • May offer pain relief - studies have found that pain is reduced after ingesting a Black Pepper based drink.

How to Use:

  • can be added to most food and dishes to add flavour and spice.
  • add a pinch to a glass of warm water.
  • use to season teas or other drinks.