Al-Ameen Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder - 100g

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Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder has a sweet, delicate and woody flavour. It is a highly popular and delicious spice.

Ceylon Cinnamon is known as the 'true' cinnamon - it is higher quality and healthier than regular cinnamon.

This cinnamon is of exceptional quality grown in the forests of Tanzania naturally.


  • Can aid diseases like diabetes - this is because cinnamon has blood sugar lowering properties.
  • Anti-viral properties - fights of infections like flus and colds.
  • May improve gut health - as it contains a natural prebiotic and introduces healthy bacteria.
  • Helps to fight fungal infections - cinnamon has an anti-fungal nature which is known to stop and treat fungal infections throughout the body.

How to Use:

  • Use in your baking for desserts like cookies or cakes.
  • Mix into your tea or other warm drinks.
  • Add some cinnamon to curries.