5 x VIT-HIT Health Drinks Multipack

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Try our variety range of Vit Hit drinks!


  • Vit Hit Boost – A delicious blend of summer berries, fused with water and a powerful burst of ginseng and rooibos tea. 
  • Vit Hit Revive - A delicious blend of citrus fruits that was created for those who want to give a lift to their day, without having a sugar crash.
  • Vit Hit Lean & Green - A mouthwatering blend of Apple and Elderflower for a fresh, crisp taste combined with an antioxidant hit of Maté Tea.
  • Vit Hit Immunitea - A delicious juice blend of Dragonfruit and Yuzu combined with health boosting Ceylon tea.
  • Vit Hit Detox - A thirst quenching blend of Mandarin & Orange, combined with spring water and vitamins.