Lean & Green Apple & Elder flower Mate Tea and L-Carnitine (500ml)

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Vit Hit Lean & Green is a mouthwatering blend of Apple and Elderflower for a fresh, crisp taste combined with an antioxidant hit of Maté Tea.

Apple, elderflower & Teamate tea: highly rich in vitamins and minerals, mate tea is 3 times stronger in antioxidants than green tea. Traditionally consumed to support weight loss and helps boost physical energy.

This drink is ideal for those wanting to speed up their metabolism!

VITHIT is a low calorie, low sugar, vitamin drink with 100% of your recommended daily allowance of 7 essential vitamins!


Water, apple juice from concentrate (12%), flavouring, citric acid, mate extract, L-carnitine, stabilisers gum Arabic and glycerol esters of wood rosins, sweetener sucralose, vitamin blend: vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 vitamin B1. Colours copper complexes of chlorophylls, and sulphite ammonia caramel.