Healthy Ramadan Gift Hamper

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Our Ramadan 2022 Luxury Hamper is the perfect gift for a special someone.


Zaytoun Medjoul Dates (500g) - known as the ‘King of Dates’ due to their size and rich caramel succulent taste.

Mabroom Dates (400g) - a popular favourite with a dry texture and an intense sweetness.

Organic Raw Acacia Honey (340g) - a pleasantly mild-tasting honey with a sweet and floral flavour. Brought to you in the purest, most natural form.

Za'atar Thyme Herb Mix (80g) - a delicious herbal mix seasoning.

Zaytoun Olive Oil (250ml) - this award-winning extra virgin oil is warm and peppery tasting.

Zaytoun Green Wheat Freekeh (200g) - young green wheat, high in fiber and protein.

Zaytoun Gaint Couscous Maftoul (200g) - hand-made and preserved by Palestinians as a traditional recipe passed down from generations made from the finest grains.

Lentil Chips chilli & lemon flavor - 80g

Lentil Chips sea salt flavor - 80g

Sweet Chilli Peanuts & Cashews - 45g

Hickory Smoked Seasoned Almonds - 45g

Organic After Dinner Seed Supreme Tea - savoury-sweet functional blend combines Coriander seeds, Anise seeds, Fennel seeds and Fenugreek seeds, all of which are popular as traditional herbal aids to ease digestion.

Organic Green Tea with Moroccan Mint Tea - blended with green tea, peppermint and mint flavouring, this herbal tea is a flavoursome choice for hot beverage lovers.

2x Coconut Water - 330ml

ACTI-VIT Lemon, Lime & Orange Sparkling Water - 330ml

ACTI-VIT Tropical Boost Sparkling Water - 330ml

Organic Soft Figs (200g) - grown in a very special farming village in the hills of Western Anatolia, Turkey and have a sweet putty flavour.

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