Father's Day Gift Set

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Show them just how much you appreciate them with this healthy gift.


Organic Raw Wild Forest Honey (340g) - From the mountains of Spain, this is one of few Premium Dark European Honeys which possesses a unique flavour with a woody taste.

Pressed Coconut Water (500g) - combined coconut water with pressed coconut for an extra sweet and nutty taste. 

Giant Chilli Corn (32g) - corn with a crunch, and a punch from chilli seasoning.

Salted Mixed Nuts (45g) - baked & salted cashews, almonds and hazelnuts with a wonderful crunch.

Protein Flapjack Original Oat (50g) - full of original oatiness flavour that mimics the taste of a syrupy flapjack to keep you going throughout the day.

Protein Flapjack Cocoa Oat (50g) - a deliciously filling protein flapjack to give a boost of energy.