Father's Day Healthy Gift Hamper

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This Father's Day Healthy Hamper is the perfect gift to show them just how much you appreciate them! Full of natural goodness and healthy superfoods sourced from around the world!


Premium Ajwa Dates (400g) - these luscious, sweet dates from Medina are scientifically proven to do wonders for your health. (fresh batch from this year 2022)

Organic Raw Wild Forest Honey (340g) - From the mountains of Spain, this is one of few Premium Dark European Honeys which possesses a unique flavour with a woody taste.

British Summer Honeycomb (170g) - cut straight from the beehive, this is a delicious treat: pure honey in its most natural state.

Ethiopian Black Seeds (100g)sourced from the fertile warm lands of Ethiopia, known for the most potent Black Seeds owing to the climate and growing conditions. These are a great source of many vitamins and minerals and have a large range of health benefits.

Soft Figs (200g) - sweet, putty flavoured figs grown in a very special farming village in the hills of Western Anatolia, Turkey.

Organic Olive Oil Lemon Soap (100g) - This chemical free natural soap is produced by the Nablus Soap Company in Palestine, with over 400 years of soap producing history. A luxurious and traditional soap, produced from virgin olive oil with natural lemon extract to add that extra citrus freshness.

Aloe Vera Body Wash (200ml) - refreshing body wash based on organic Aloe Vera, long known for its soothing and calming benefits.

Pressed Coconut Water (500g) - combined coconut water with pressed coconut for an extra sweet and nutty taste. 

Giant Chilli Corn (32g) - corn with a crunch, and a punch from chilli seasoning.

Salted Mixed Nuts (45g) - baked & salted cashews, almonds and hazelnuts with a wonderful crunch.

Protein Flapjack Original Oat (50g) - full of original oatiness flavour that mimics the taste of a syrupy flapjack to keep you going throughout the day.

Protein Flapjack Cocoa Oat (50g) - a deliciously filling protein flapjack to give a boost of energy.

ACTI-VIT Lemon, Lime & Orange Sparkling Water - 330ml


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