Al-Ameen Sidr Honey - 227g

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A pure luxurious taste.

Sidr Honey is among the finest variants of honey in the world. This rare and highly sought-after honey is prized in the Middle East for its healing and medicinal benefits. 

This honey is made by the bees which only feed on the nectar of rare Sidr (also called jujube) trees.


  • A brilliant energy booster. The fruits of the Sidr tree have high-energy content, its leaves are rich in nutrients such as iron, protein, calcium and magnesium
  • Honey helps in the relief of cough symptoms.
  • Antibacterial properties – can aid in respiratory infections.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect – helps inflammation, excessive fever, injury and pain.
  • High antioxidant activity – reduces cell damage caused by free radicals.

How to use

  • Use to sweeten drinks and beverages, e.g. hot drinks and smoothies.
  • Use to sweeten foods e.g. baking, cereals and porridges.
  • Use as a spread on toast, scones, etc.
  • Can be consumed on its own.